Is It Time To Call For A Roofing Contractor? Let's Find Out

Posted on: 30 July 2019
One of the worst things that can happen to your home is for there to be a roofing problem that goes unnoticed. This is a major concern because when there is a roofing problem, the rest of the home can become damaged. Personal belongings can become damaged and the health of you and your loved ones can suffer if mold develops from water leaking from the roof. To help make sure that you will know when it is time to contact a roofing contractor, you will want to check out the following information.
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How Strong Winds Can Damage Your Asphalt Shingle Roof And Roof Repairs You Might Need

Posted on: 16 July 2019
Strong winds may not be too common, but all it takes is one bad storm with intense winds to cause roof destruction. Wind damage is often erratic. The destruction could be widespread or confined to a few shingles. Shingles that are already loose or weak are especially vulnerable to wind. Here are some ways strong wind can harm your roof and some roof repairs that might be needed once the storm passes.
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Why Some Metal Roofs Corrode Faster Than Others

Posted on: 21 May 2019
Corrosion weakens the roof, increases the risk of leaks, and also discolors the roof. Some roofs seem to suffer corrosion faster and more seriously than others. Here are some of the triggers for accelerated corrosion on metal roofs. Contact with Dissimilar Metals If two dissimilar metals come into contact, under the right conditions, one of them is likely to suffer accelerated corrosion. The phenomenon is known as galvanic corrosion. The right conditions, which are available in almost all roofs, are moisture and air.
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Think You Have Hail Damage? Do The Following Two Things

Posted on: 15 April 2019
All it takes is a few moments of hail falling onto your roof to cause some damage. When the storm passes, you'll want to find out if your roof is suffering from damage, but not sure what you should be doing. Here are a few tips to follow if you think you have hail damage. Inspect Your Roof On Your Own You'll want to perform your own roof inspection by looking at the roof and the gutters.
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