6 Dangers Of Clogged Gutters

Posted on: 2 April 2018
Part of owning a home is routine maintenance and cleaning, including outside the home. One commonly overlocked area is the gutter system, which is essential for directing water away from your home. If you've been avoiding cleaning your gutters, there are some serious consequences that may occur. Check out these six common dangers of clogged gutters. Basement Flooding When gutters become clogged, the water cannot reach the downspout, which takes the water to the street to drain properly.
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Three Benefits Of Gutter Guards

Posted on: 16 March 2018
Gutter guards, as their name would suggest, are accessories that are installed on top of your gutters and act as a guard or filter to keep out organic debris. Because of their distinctive method of installation and purpose, gutter guards have a couple of benefits that they provide to your gutter and roofing systems. Understanding what these benefits are can help you decide if installing gutter guards is the right fit for your roofing and drainage needs.
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3 Popular Roofing Materials For Most Homes

Posted on: 12 March 2018
While most neighborhoods are filled with homes with asphalt-shingle roofs, there are many roofing materials from which to choose. Some of them like slate, however, are too heavy or delicate for many roofs, but there are many others that are perfect for nearly any type of roof, regardless of structural support or slope. Check out these popular roofing materials for most homes. Asphalt Perhaps the reason asphalt-shingle roofs are so common is the cost.
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Two Questions About Roof Maintenance

Posted on: 27 February 2018
Your home's roof is a crucial part of its structure, yet it is not something you probably think about until there is a problem. While this can be typical of homeowners, you do want to pay attention to roof maintenance if you want the roof to be problem free for as long as possible. A lack of maintenance is what often leads to expensive and unnecessary roof repair after years of neglect.
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